What our clients are saying

Of course we can tell you lots and lots of things about our company, but ultimately, the most valuable information comes from our clients. We've got over 300 companies in our client base. Some of them are sharing their experience below.
We work with EFR

SAF: “EFR is a unique tool, that enables us, as professionals, to optimize our care records and thus to provide good, safe healthcare services.”

SAF, AMC, McK Dr. Jesper Smeek – SAF president “The idea behind the SAF (Fertility Automation Foundation) is that a group of professionals, made up of biologists, as well as gynecologis...

Jeroen Bosch Hospital: “ Thanks to this user-friendly system, the limited time that we have can actually be dedicated to our patients, rather than being wasted on all kinds of administrative tasks.”

More time for the patient thanks to the EFR. Carl Hamilton works as a gynecologist at the Reproductive Medicine Center within Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The Reproductive Medicine Center within the Jeroen ...
We work with Stb Associations

KNMvD: “ Stb’s software enables us to answer our members future questions today.”

The KNMvD (Dutch Royal Society of Veterinary Medicine) is the professional organization of veterinarians in the Netherlands. All in all, it has almost 6,000 members. The KNMvD brings together veterina...
We work with Stb Charity
We work with Stb Training
We work with Stb Specials